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2 Year Multiple Content Undated Planner (Google Sheets)

2 Year Multiple Content Undated Planner (Google Sheets)


Make planning your social media or website content easier! 


Gone are the days where you misplace your sticky notes with the awesome content ideas for the week ahead. 


I have been working on this content planner for years. Tweaking and making the right adjustments for myself and my clients. 


Planner highlights:


  • UNDATED planner. You can use this planner for years to come. After you fill it, make a copy of the document. Or make a copy right away when you buy it to have a blank copy for the future. 


  • ACCESSIBILITY. The planner is a google sheets document. So you can access it from any device (including your phone). You can also make the document accessible offline. 


  • ORGANIZED. You're likely posting on more than one social channel. With this planner, you can create content for different social sources. Plus, check off where you have posted the content, so you don't repeat content. 


  • ONE-TIME COST. I created this planner because we don't need another business subscription. To plan all I needed was a planner, not a bunch of other tools that distracted me from my goal of planning. 


  • TIPS & TRICKS. You get a quick tips & tricks section and video to help you use the planner (and google sheets) to its full potential! 


  • LIFETIME UPDATES. If I update the planner in the future, expect an updated copy of it in your mailbox. 


    I do not accept returns for digital downloads. 

    If you have any questions, please contact me before purchasing.


    -A device to open the PDF. 

    -Google Account

    This is a Google Sheets document. After purchase you will receive a PDF download with the link for you to make a “COPY” of the google sheets planner. You MUST have a google account to make a digital copy of the document. The document is meant to be used on Google Sheets but you may print a copy to have a hard copy! 

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